My primary interest is the role of cognition in addiction and impulse control. The aim is to develop innovative therapeutic interventions that directly address cognitive processes such as selective attention and working memory. This recovery orientated therapeutic programme is labelled CHANGE. This acronym  represents the dual focus on habit reversal and affect regulation: Change Habits and Negative Generation of Emotion. This re-appraisal of cognitive therapy for addiction and co-morbid problems is described in my book Cognitive Therapy for Addiction: Motivation and Change. (Wiley-Blackwell,  2013). 

translating research into usable formats is another interest. My book Willpower for Dummies, published in July 2014 exemplifies this. my other publications and citations can be viewed here. I maintain that the term "willpower" can be used to translate many more complex cognitive psychological terms and concepts such as working memory, selective attention and inhibition. I have just finished co-editing an edition of Frontiers in Psychology bringing together research and theoretical papers on the theme of reward processing.

I am an honorary senior lecturer at the Centre for Mental Health, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London.

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